PRAM welcomes new members from the greater Richmond area!  If you’re the parent of one or more children kindergarten-age or younger, or if you’re expecting a child, we encourage you to join PRAM and become part of our fun, friendly, creative community of diverse families.  Benefits of PRAM membership include:

  • Baby and toddler playgroups at the PRAM Community Fieldhouse
  • Fabulous and festive annual holiday parties and social events for PRAM kids, parents, and families
  • Eligibility for enrollment in great classes for kids and parents
  • Support for new moms, including the “Helping Hands” program providing meals to new mothers
  • Access to the PRAM Community Fieldhouse and Garden – where you can find PRAM’s toys, games, musical instruments, and live, growing veggies for all kinds of playtime and learning activities
  • Perambulations newsletter
  • Resources and recommendations from other parents on childcare, healthcare, family recreation, schooling, and other kid stuff
  • A great way to meet and connect with other families and parents
  • Whatever else you can dream up!  PRAM is volunteer-run, organized for and by our membership, so if there’s something you think PRAM should offer for kids and families in the Richmond area, PRAM offers a way to get together with other parents and make it happen!

We encourage you to browse our website to get a taste of what PRAM has to offer.  We also encourage you to stop by our Community Fieldhouse in Point Richmond, or to contact us via email at  You may also want to see our FAQs.